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Personal Injury Law Firm in San Diego, CA

Under California Law, anyone who is injured through either the intentional or negligent act of others is entitled to be compensated for their damages. The intent of the laws pertaining to personal injury is to allow money damages in order to make the victim “whole” again. That is, if you sustained loss of earnings or incurred medical bills from an injury, you are entitled to recoup the reasonable value for those losses. Furthermore, if you endured pain and suffering and other non-economic damages from an injury, you are entitled to be compensated for such damages. There are numerous ways people are injured. Laureti & Associates has been representing injured parties under many different scenarios for the last 25 years.

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  • On a sunny afternoon in San Diego, Plaintiff was running an errand on his motorcycle. As he approached slowing traffic due to a red traffic light just ahead of him, a van driven by defendant all of a sudden took a left hand turn in front of him, violating his right of way. Plaintiff struck the side of the van, flew over the hood and landed 20 feet from the impact. Plaintiff sustained significant injuries to his right leg which included lacerations, loss of tissue and fracture. Plaintiff was also a sufferer of bone marrow cancer. With various experts, our firm was able to prove that trauma to plaintiff’s leg caused cancer to worsen adding additional general damages to plaintiff’s case.
    $1.6 Million, Motorcycle Accident Settlement
  • Plaintiff was invited to a party at a friend’s home. The homeowners were out of town and left their 18 year old in charge of their house. The son hosted this party, which involved alcohol and other illegal substances. Plaintiff was assaulted and battered sustaining serious head injuries, facial scarring and disfigurement. Award was paid by the homeowner as well as various homeowner insurance policies for the individuals responsible for the injuries.
    $1.2 Million, Assault & Battery/Negligence Settlement
  • Plaintiff was an unrestrained passenger in a large truck driven by defendant. Due to a wet roadway, defendant lost control of his vehicle causing it to roll and eject plaintiff. Plaintiff sustained serious shoulder, leg and head injuries as a result of the accident. Defendant heavily relied upon seatbelt defense. Experts were retained to prove that plaintiff would have sustained even more serious injuries if she were wearing a seatbelt. Case settled day before trial.
    $930,000, Truck Accident/Rollover Settlement
  • Plaintiff was walking adjacent to a construction site. The scaffolding used to construct the walkway collapsed causing serious shoulder injuries to plaintiff. Experts proved that the scaffolding was not safely constructed.
    $600,000, Construction Site/ Scaffold collapsed Settlement
  • Plaintiff was a student at San Diego State University and rented a downtown San Diego apartment. The apartment caught fire whereby plaintiff was unable to escape and died. It was later determined that the lack of smoke detectors and exterior window bars on plaintiff’s bedroom were the cause of Plaintiff’s death.
    $500,000, Premises Liability and Wrongful Death Settlement

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