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Personal Injury

Under California Law, anyone who is injured through either the intentional or negligent act of others is entitled to be compensated for their damages. The intent of the laws pertaining to personal injury is to allow money damages in order to make the victim “whole” again. That is, if you sustained loss of earnings or incurred medical bills from an injury, you are entitled to recoup the reasonable value for those losses. Furthermore, if you endured pain and suffering and other non-economic damages from an injury, you are entitled to be compensated for such damages. There are numerous ways people are injured. Laureti & Associates has been representing injured parties under many different scenarios for the last 25 years. Following is a large sample of the areas Laureti & Associates handles:

Automobile Accidents

Automobile accidents are one of the leading causes of death each year with millions being injured in highway accidents. If you or someone you know has been in an auto accident and suffered personal injury or even death, Laureti & Associates can help you through the process and ensure that you receive reasonable compensation for your pain, suffering and economic loss. Even if you are a resident from another state visiting California or a citizen of another country, you have the right to be compensated under California Law. Laureti & Associates can help you recover your loss of earnings, medical bills and any other out of pocket expenses. California Law also recognizes your right to seek compensation for your inability to perform household functions as well as for pain and suffering.

Insurance companies will often delay settling these claims; Laureti & Associates can help expedite your claim and get you compensation that you need. Under California Law, there are certain time constraints known as Statute of Limitations in order to pursue your claim. If you wait too long, you could lose the ability to pursue damages for your injuries. You should contact an attorney as soon as possible.

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ATV Accidents

All-Terrain vehicles (ATVs), including Yamaha Rhinos, have become notorious for frequent rollovers due to narrow wheel basis, inadequate size of tires and dangerous after market modifications. Due to these incidents, drivers and/or passengers often suffer serious injuries such as fractures, crushed limbs and significant lacerations, and in some instances, are killed.

Yamaha recognized the dangers associated with its two passenger Rhino and in September of 2006 and August of 2007 sent warnings and offered to retrofit all Rhinos with small plastic doors and passenger handholds. Even though there is an acknowledged high risk of rollover and injury, Yamaha and other manufacturers of similar ATVs continue to manufacture these vehicles.

If you or someone you know has been injured or even killed in an ATV accident, you may have a claim for injury or wrongful death against the manufacturer, the dealer who sold you the ATV, or the driver of the ATV that caused the accident. There are numerous so-called “rules of the road” that need to be followed while driving an ATV off road. Anytime these aren’t followed, injuries often occur. You can find these rules in our Links section

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Bicycle Accidents

Many people, especially children, are injured each year in bicycle accidents. In many instances, the bicycle was not property designed or manufactured. In other instances, people are severely injured when struck by a motor vehicle while lawfully riding their bicycle. Laureti & Associates has handled numerous claims involving bicycle accidents. Compensation for your injuries may vary depending on the cause of the accident and the extent of your injuries. Laureti & Associates will assist you with your cliam each step of the way. We will assist with the medical care and rehabilitation that you may need, including surgery and long-term physical therapy. We will help you with compensation for your loss of earnings whether you were self employed or a salary employee for someone else, and will maximize your recovery for your pain and suffering as allowed under California Law.

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Boating Accidents

Each year, the Coast Guard reports more than 80,000 boating accidents resulting in over 4,000 serious injuries and 800 deaths. Boating injuries may occur on privately owned vessels or commercial vessels such as fishing boats and cruise ships. Personal watercrafts such as Jet-Skis have also been involved in an increased number of accidents over the past 20 years.

Injuries can occur from collisions between two boats or a boat and dock. Typically, the body of water in which you were injured will determine what your legal rights are. There are numerous other laws such as the Jones Act, which may provide what an injured party is entitled to if injured in a boating accident. Laureti & Associates has handled numerous boating accidents and understand the various laws pertaining to these incidents. We assist with recovery of your damages such as medical expenses, loss of earnings and pain and suffering.

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Brain Injuries

The brain is a very complicated organ that manages all of our body functions. An injury to the brain can damage its ability to properly manage these functions, ultimately resulting in some form of disability. Brain injuries typically occur from a blow to the head that causes trauma to a specific portion of the brain.

Trauma to the brain can be caused in an auto accident after striking your head against part of a vehicle such as the headrest or windshield. Passengers may strike each other with their heads, also causing severe trauma. In a fall, you may strike your head on a hard surface such as the floor or a counter top. In many instances, there may not be a sign of a brain injury until days after the accident. You could have a serious brain injury without obvious signs of bleeding or external trauma.

Recovery from a brain injury typically occurs within a year or two post-accident. If you are left with symptoms such as headaches, loss of memory, loss of taste or smell, or dizziness, chances are this will be permanent. Future care and rehabilitation can be quite expensive and may or may not be covered by health insurance.

Laureti & Associates has represented numerous individuals with traumatic brain injuries over the past 25 years. With its team of experts, Laureti & Associates is prepared to properly represent a person with this type of injury and ultimately obtain fair compensation.

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Burn Injuries

Burns can be caused by a variety of agents such as heat, chemicals, electricity or sunlight, and can occur in automobile accidents, structure fires or explosions. Each year millions of people suffer some degree of burn that requires medical care. Thousands of people die from burns each year in the United States.

If you have suffered a burn from the negligent or intentional act of another, Laureti & Associates can assist you with your claim for damages. Laureti & Associates has handled many cases involving various degrees of burns over the past 25 years and has obtained large settlements for its clients. Burns usually result in some degree of disfigurement. Because of this, damages for pain and suffering are quite significant.

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Child Injuries

Children are injured everyday in California. Over the past 25 years, Laureti & Associates has handled cases on behalf of children after suffering personal injuries from various sources such as automobile accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, dog bites and playground incidents. Representing children requires an attorney who understands that children recover from injuries different than adults. A fractured arm or leg sustained by a child could affect the growth plates in their bones resulting in arm and leg length discrepancies as the child gets older. Emotional distress experienced by children due to injury is also different than the emotional distress sustained by an adult. Furthermore, the court must approve all cases resulting in a settlement. The court would examine the settlement to make sure it was fair and that the child’s money is protected and is available to the child after they become an adult.

Over the past 25 years Laureti & Associates has represented numerous children with excellent results.

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Construction Site Accidents

Construction workers face numerous dangers every day they go to work. Construction is considered one of the most dangerous occupations in California. Back injuries are the most frequent type of injury along with injuries to legs, feet, arms, and hands. Falling debris and falls are the greatest causes of death on construction sites. Unsafe work practices and unsafe work site conditions often lead to injury. Failing to comply with various State required safety practices by employers as well as failure to provide adequate safety equipment such as scaffolding, safety harnesses and fall protection devices are other causes of injuries. Laureti & Associates has handled numerous construction site injuries for past 25 years and can assist an injured worker through his/her claim.

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Defective Products

There are millions of products placed in the market each year. Sometimes these products are not properly designed or manufactured, resulting in serious injuries or even death. California Law puts responsibility not only on the manufacturer of the product but also anyone in the chain of distribution, including both the wholesaler and the retailer.

Laureti & Associates has handled numerous products liability cases. Proving a product was either designed or manufactured defectively requires the use of experienced product liability experts. Once you have established that a product is defective, you may be entitled to damages such as medical expenses, loss of earnings and pain and suffering.

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Dog Bite Injuries

People are attacked and bitten by dogs every day in California. Under California Law, the owner of a dog that bites another individual is strictly liable for the injured party’s damages. That is, the owner is automatically responsible for the injuries of the victim. Additionally, a dog owner can be responsible for damages sustained by a victim who is injured while avoiding an unleashed dog. A bite is not always necessary to have a claim. Typically, the homeowner’s insurance policy of the animal owner would cover the damages. Laureti & Associates have handled numerous cases involving dangerous animals over the past 25 years.

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Elevator and Escalator Accidents

A faulty elevator or escalator can lead to serious injury and possibly death to its occupants. Under California Law, escalators and elevators are considered to be “common carriers”. As such, the owner/manufacturer of an elevator or escalator has a greater duty of care as it relates to its construction, use and maintenance. The fact that is it used to carry individuals from one point to another creates this greater duty of care.

If you have been injured as a result of a faulty escalator or elevator, Laureti & Associates can assist you with recovery for your past and future medical expenses, loss of earnings and any pain and suffering you endured as a result of your injuries.

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Motorhome Accidents

Many residents of California enjoy the outdoors. Each year people purchase large motor homes and trailers to take to the various lakes, camp grounds and desert areas. Sometimes they choose to pull large heavy trailers can create a potentially dangerous road hazard.

Each year, people are injured or killed in accidents involving both motor homes and trailers. Presently, no special license is required to drive most motor homes or haul trailers on the California Highways. Due to lack of training, new drivers of motor homes often fail to properly navigate their vehicles with heavy loads. Failing to stop in time, navigating around corners and backing up these large vehicles sometimes results in an accident. The occupants of these vehicles along with others on the roadway have potential claims if injured by one of these vehicles. Laureti & Associates has not only handled numerous cases involving motor homes and trailers, we have personal hands on experience with owning and operating motor homes and trailers. Laureti & Associates has the experience to represent victims that have been seriously injured in accidents involving motor homes and trailers.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Thousands of people own motorcycles in Southern California. Given the beautiful scenery and great climate, it is typically a year round experience for most. Due to lack of protection, individuals in motorcycle accidents are typically more seriously injured or killed than in an automobile. Motorcycles are often difficult to see on the roadway by other drivers. Sometimes occupants of motorcycles sustain injuries from faulty safety equipment such as a helmet and protective clothing. Other causes of motorcycle accidents are defective aftermarket parts and poor roadway markings such as signs and painted lines.

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Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians are faced with dangerous situations everyday. People are injured and sometimes killed everyday in Southern California when crossing a street. Even if you are not in a crosswalk, the driver of a vehicle has a duty to avoid striking any person in the roadway. Pedestrian injuries are typically very serious due to the fact that they are not protected when struck by a vehicle. Faulty walkways, falling debris and bicyclists can also injure pedestrians. Laureti & Associates has handled numerous personal injury cases involving pedestrians for the past 25 years.

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Scaffolding Accidents

Dangerous and faulty scaffolding is the cause of many serious injuries and even death to construction site workers. There are numerous laws and safety regulations that dictate how scaffolding should be installed and when it should be provided.

Laureti & Associates has had the opportunity to represent clients that have been involved in scaffolding accidents. Although workers' compensation is involved if the injury occurs during the course and scope of employment, a 3rd party personal injury claim may exist against the company that installed the scaffolding. Scaffolding is typically used by many trades on a construction site.

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Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord consists of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions. Its purpose is to transmit signals between the brain and the various other parts of your body. If the spinal cord is injured, you can end up with a very serious disability. Sometimes it can be treated and often not.

Over the past 25 years, Laureti & Associates has represented numerous clients who have sustained spinal cord injuries in accidents. Some of the injuries got better within weeks while other clients were left with paralysis. Treatment can be quick or last a lifetime. Most people suffer spinal cord injuries in automobile accidents when the body is violently whipped during impact. A serious spinal cord injury may result in the need to redesign and/or rebuild a home so that a person with a disability can use the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

Laureti & Associates will assist with getting the proper treatment and future care for any spinal cord injury you may experience in an accident. It is extremely important to make sure that serious consideration is given to the need for future medical care and expenses. The cost of this future medical care should be built into any settlement or recovery.

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SUV Rollovers

Given the great size and weight of sports utility vehicles (SUVs), a collision between an SUV and a car usually results in greater injuries and fatalities to the occupants of the car. Numerous times, the greater height of the SUV will not be aligned with the bumpers or “crumple zones” of most cars. An SUV’s higher center of gravity makes it more likely to rollover during sharp maneuvering on a highway. Each year many people are severely injured or killed when an SUV loses control on a highway and rolls over.

While many of the high-risk SUVs such as the Ford Explorer, Suzuki Samurai and the Isuzu Trooper have been redesigned for a safer ride, many SUVs or pickup trucks have been modified with lift kits and other off-road equipment. In most instances, the modification to the vehicle causes it to be less stable and increases its chance of rollover.

Over the past 25 years, Laureti & Associates has handled SUV rollover cases on behalf of seriously injured occupants that usually require several automotive experts to determine the cause of the rollover.

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Trip & Fall

Many people, both young and old, sustain serious injuries as a result of tripping and falling over dangerous conditions. If a dangerous condition is created due to the lack of care by another, California law typically allows for recovery against that individual. A homeowner allowing the roots of their tree to lift a public walkway, an employee of a store allowing a liquid to accumulate on the floor, a homeowner digging a large hole in their yard and not properly warning others about it are all examples of potential dangerous conditions.

Slip & falls typically result in back, head and neck injuries. Fractured limbs, kneecaps and ankles are also known injuries as a result of a slip & fall. Laureti & Associates has handled numerous slip & fall accidents and have recovered substantial awards on behalf of its clients over the past 25 years. Hiring the appropriate experts to determine that a condition is dangerous is an important task. Laureti & Associates has worked with numerous trip & fall experts and is prepared to aggressively handle any future claim.

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Truck and 18-Wheeler Accidents

Thousands of trucking and 18-wheeler accidents occur each year in California. Due to the size of these vehicles, most result in very serious injuries and death, leaving those affected with enormous medical expenses and significant disability.

If you were injured by a truck or 18-wheeler through no fault of your own, you can count on Laureti & Associates to assist you every step of the way. Due to the various complicated issues surrounding trucking accidents, is important to hire a lawyer with experience to assist with recovery of your damages. Laureti & Associates have worked with numerous trucking and 18-wheeler clients in the past resulting in excellent results.

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Wrongful Death

Numerous people are killed each day in California due to the wrongful acts of others. Whether in an auto, boating or construction site accident, legal representation is a must. Laureti & Associates can assist with your claim and potential litigation.

There are numerous complicated issues surrounding what is recoverable in a wrongful death action. Understanding what damages a spouse, child, sibling or parent is entitled to after losing a loved one, is extremely important.

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Workplace Injuries

Usually if you are injured at your workplace, you must proceed under the laws relating to Workers’ Compensation. In some instances, when the injury is caused by someone other than your employer or co-worker, you may then have both a Workers’ Compensation claim and a 3rd party personal injury claim simultaneously. For example, a vendor delivering product to your office can create a dangerous and slippery floor condition whereby you slip and fall sustaining a serious injury. Under this scenario, you potentially have both a Workers’ Compensation claim and a claim against the negligent vendor creating the dangerous condition. If so, there are many complicated issues surrounding pursuing both a Workers’ Compensation claim and 3rd party personal injury claim.

Over the last 25 years, Laureti & Associates has handled numerous work place injuries on behalf of its clients.

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Uninsured Motorist Claims

Many Californians drive automobiles without the required automobile insurance. Under California Law, anyone driving an automobile on a public roadway must have a minimum $15,000 liability policy. Even though this is the law, many continue to drive without the required coverage.

If you were in an accident with a driver who is not insured, there is a very good chance that your own personal insurance policy will have uninsured motorist coverage. Assuming you have this coverage on your policy, your auto insurance company will provide benefits to you that will typically be provided by an insured party. After convincing your insurance company that you are not at fault for the accident, you can pursue damages for your loss of earnings, past and future medical expenses and your pain and suffering.

Laureti & Associates has been pursuing both uninsured and underinsured motorist claims with great success for the past 21 years. Due to the fact that you are pursuing damages under your own insurance policy, the process is typically swifter and more fair. Your insurance company will certainly require the proper proof prior to paying any claim. Establishing this proof and presenting your claim is what Laureti & Associates does best.

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Insurance Disputes

Many of us have auto insurance, life insurance, homeowners insurance, business insurance and other types of insurance to protect us from unexpected losses. If you have a potential claim under any of these policies, Laureti & Associates can help recover what you are due. Whether it’s an uninsured motorist claim under your auto policy, property damage claim under your homeowner’s policy due to a fire, wrongful denial of death benefits under a life insurance policy or even a claim for loss of profits to your business under a business policy, Laureti & Associates can help you with these disputes. Having an experienced attorney to review your insurance policy and advise you as to your legal rights is extremely important especially when you are fighting against large insurance companies.

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Property Damage Claims

Many people have homeowner’s and business insurance to cover them for unexpected losses. If your house is damaged by either food or fire, you are entitled to compensation for personal property that was damaged. Some individuals don’t know how to document and present a claim for property damages. Furthermore, even if you properly document your losses, insurance companies don’t always pay what you believe is fair compensation. To have an experienced attorney to work with you throughout the claim process is extremely important. The offices of Laureti & Associates have handled these claims over the past 25 years.

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Liquor License Laws

If you are an establishment such as a restaurant, bar or night club looking to purchase any type of liquor license, there are many challenges to overcome before the Alcohol Beverage Commission approves such purchase or transfer. In some instances, there may be long drawn-out public hearings regarding whether or not a license should be approved. Handling it on your own can be very challenging and time consuming. Laureti & Associates can help you through this process and help assist with any unnecessary challenges along the way.

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Contract Disputes

Numerous contracts are entered into everyday for various reasons. Buying a house, automobile, business and even employment usually requires some sort of legal document evidencing the rights and duties of each individual involved in the transaction. From time to time, disputes arise out of these contracts which require legal assistance. Laureti & Associates can assist you in understanding your rights under the contract and represent you in any potential litigation.

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Business Disputes

Many of us enter into agreements as it relates to various business ventures and opportunities. In a majority of these ventures, disputes arise between the various members and/or partners regarding individual rights and obligations under their agreement. Laureti & Associates can assist with understanding your legal position as it relates to these agreements and transactions and, if needed, we can represent you in any litigation that may arise.