Case Results




Our client slipped and fell on water that accumulated on the floor of an outdoor market. Our client suffered neck, arm and back injuries. The case went to trial in the San Diego Superior Court and was settled during trial for $65,000.



On a sunny afternoon in San Diego, Plaintiff was running an errand on his motorcycle. As he approached slowing traffic due to a red traffic light just ahead of him, a van driven by defendant all of a sudden took a left hand turn in front of him, violating his right of way. Plaintiff struck the side of the van, flew over the hood and landed 20 feet from the impact. Plaintiff sustained significant injuries to his right leg which included lacerations, loss of tissue and fracture. Plaintiff was also a sufferer of bone marrow cancer. With various experts, our firm was able to prove that trauma to plaintiff’s leg caused cancer to worsen adding additional general damages to plaintiff’s case.



Our client, a front seat passenger in a popular SUV, suffered severe neck injury in a rear end auto accident leading to permanent paralyzation from neck down. An inspection of the vehicle revealed the seat support failed in the accident, causing client to slide back into the rear seat and slam his head into the seat. The seat manufacuturer and auto maker settled before trial.



Our client, who was a professional athlete, lost his home and personal property due to a California wildfire. His losses included priceless memorabilia collected over his 20 professional sports career. The fire was caused by fallen power lines and carried to our client's home by fast-moving Santa Ana Winds. The case settled for $3 million.

MORE Case Results

Laureti & Associates, A.P.C. has a strong record of fair settlements and favorable verdicts for clients throughout Southern California, including San Diego and Imperial Counties. Cases and settlements referenced on this website do not represent the law firm’s entire record. Every case is different and must be evaluated on its own merits. The outcome of every case depends upon many factors, including the facts of the case, and prior results do not guarantee a positive outcome of a particular case.


Our client was an unrestrained passenger in a large truck driven by the defendant. Due to a wet roadway, the defendant lost control of his vehicle causing it to roll and eject our client. Our client sustained serious shoulder, leg and head injuries.

Negligent maintenance of outdoor advertising blimp Jury Award

80 year old lady was walking on sidewalk in front of a hotel on a windy day. The hotel had tethered to its building a 15 foot advertising blimp/balloon that was under-inflated due to poor maintenance. The high winds caused the blimp to crash down on plaintiff causing a fractured vertebrae.


When an apartment caught fire, our client was unable to escape and died. It was later determined that the lack of smoke detectors and exterior window bars on our client's bedroom were the cause of our client's death.

Slip and fall SETTLEMENT

Our client was shopping for groceries when she slipped on wet flooring caused by produce misters, fracturing her elbow. It was alleged that the defendant over-sprayed the vegetables causing water to accumulate on the floor.

hip injury slip and fall settlement

Our client was walking along a sidewalk when she slipped and fell, breaking her hip at the age of 35. It was alleged that the sidewalk was in a dangerous condition and caused the accident.

defective battery product liability

Our client purchased batteries for his vape machine which later ignited in his pocket after short circuiting. Plaintiff suffered severe burns to his leg . Case settled during Mediation with the Honorable Steven Denton through a mediator proposal.

Back Injury Slip and fall Settlement

Our client was a patron of an outdoor market slipped and fell on water that was allowed to accumulate on floor due to the overwatering of plant. Patron suffered neck, arm and back injuries. The case went to trial in the San Diego Superior court and settled during trial.

dog bite settlement

Our client, age 12, was walking home from school when a neighbor’s pitbull escaped their back yard. Our client was attacked, sustaining scarring and lacerations to her arms and back of her head. Our San Diego dog bite attorney negotiated damages prior to trial through the defendant’s homeowner insurance policy.


Our client was walking adjacent to a construction site when the scaffolding used to construct the walkway collapsed causing serious shoulder injuries. Experts proved that the scaffolding was not safely constructed.

Assault & Battery/Negligence settlement

Our client was invited to a party at a friend’s home, which involved alcohol and other illegal substances. Our client was assaulted and battered sustaining serious head injuries, facial scarring and disfigurement.

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