Avoiding ATV Accidents

March 15, 2015

It's that time of the year when millions flock to the Imperial county sand dunes to enjoy some of the best dune riding in the world. ATVs are fun and useful but just like automobiles, can be dangerous if not properly operated. Also, if not properly designed, can expose manufactures to liability for injuries sustained by a person while operating their vehicle.

Thousands of people are either killed or seriously injured each year in the Imperial county dunes for various reasons. The most common reason for this is improper operation due to either driving too fast, inadequate training or intoxication. For excellent tips on how to operate your ATV and avoid accidents, visit Imperial Sand Dunes Rules & Regulations.

If you violate reasonable operation and driving standards, you could be held responsible civilly for damages sustained by an injured party. Some of these damages include medical bills, lost earnings and pain and suffering amongst others. I highly recommend purchasing a liability policy from a reputable insurance company before you ride. It is extremely inexpensive and well worth the piece of mind. I have a policy for my vehicles that costs about 50 dollars per year.

ATV accidents sometime occur not by the fault of the driver but poor design by the manufacturer. For example, the center of gravity may be too high causing the vehicle to tip easy, too narrow of a wheel base could cause it to roll and inadequate driver protection during a roll over could be grounds for liability against a manufacturer. Lastly, improper instructions, defective throttle, brakes, lighting, tires, suspension and steering mechanism have been grounds for recovery for injured individuals from various manufactures and distributors.  Using common sense is perhaps the best way to avoid injury when enjoying the dunes.

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