Can My Business File A Claim Against Poway For Water Contamination?

January 17, 2020

In December of last year, Poway residents got a surprise when they turned on their faucet for a drink only to find brown water filling their cup.

It was determined that stormwater had flowed into the city’s treated water through an out-of compliance reservoir system. A boil water advisory was quickly put into place, forcing residents to use bottled water for nearly a week.

Over 200 Poway food and beverage businesses had to shut down due to the boil water advisory, causing a significant financial loss. During this time, restaurants, sports bars, cafes, ice cream shops, taco stands and other food establishments continued to pay employees, rent and other overhead costs while also losing revenue from food and drink sales. In addition, food was spoiled and had to be thrown away, adding to an already significant loss in possible sales. In some cases, Poway restaurant, bar and cafe owners have claimed losses in excess of $20,000. Several of these food and beverage business owners have already filed claims with a water contamination attorney against Poway asking for damages.

Who Is Responsible For the Poway Boil Advisory?

According to the initial report that Poway filed with the state of California, the water contamination was caused by a rope that was stuck in the city’s storm drain system. An investigation into the matter revealed that the rope obstructed a flapper gate in an overflow box, causing a pipe to overflow with storm water and flow into the city’s reservoir. Water officials do not know how the rope ended up there.

On January 16, 2020, the California State Water Resources Control Board sent a letter to Poway criticizing its handling of the issues that led to the boil advisory. The state water board determined that Poway failed to protect its public water system from backflow contamination, failed to provide pure, wholesome, healthful and potable water by delivering untreated storm drain water to customers …”

What Should I Do If My Business Was Closed Due To Water Contamination in Poway?

In many cases, filing a claim with your insurance company is the first step to making a financial recovery from the Poway boil advisory. If your insurance will not pay for the full value of your business’s losses incurred as a result of the boil water advisory in Poway, then you may be able to make a claim for damages against the city. If you believe you have a claim, it is important to act immediately. Food and beverage businesses in Poway have only six months to file claims with the city.

Should I Hire A Poway Water Contamination Attorney?

Tony Laureti is a Poway resident and business owner. He knows first-hand how difficult the boil water advisory has been for other businesses and restaurants in the Poway community. For the last 30 years, Tony has been filing claims for damages against government entities on behalf of his clients, helping them navigate what can be a very complex process.

If you experienced a financial loss as the result of Poway water contamination, contact our office today to speak with a Poway water contamination attorney today to determine if you have a case. The call is free, and it is the first step in making a full financial recovery for your losses.

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