Compassion Could Keep You Out Of Court

November 20, 2015

As an owner of a couple sports pubs along with practicing personal injury law for the past 25 years, I have come to the conclusion that at least, with the less serious injury claims by patrons, showing a little compassion after an incident typically will avoid a claim and possibly a lawsuit. It is the policy at my pubs that if someone falls, or claims injury while at my pub, I communicate with them initially. I treat them with respect and never become argumentative or inconsiderate. I listen and show compassion and advise them of our insurance which carries medical payment coverage. Most of the time, the customer is looking for a way to get a medical bill paid. I never take issue or call them a liar.

In a recent case, a young lady fell sustaining a back sprain. Although the fall was her own fault due to the 6 inch heels and couple of drinks she consumed, I offered to take care of her bills, apologized for her fall without admitting fault and offered a free dinner for two. It all worked out well and she recovered and continues to this day to be a good customer. When I am retained by a plaintiff who fell at a store or restaurant, I am usually told that I was hired because the store never returned their calls or treated them without respect.

Compassion goes a long way and does not cost you a dime.

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