Dog Bite Prevention Tips

March 23, 2022

Dogs are often regarded as members of the family. They ride in our cars, accompany us on errands, share our leftovers, and (sometimes) sleep with us in bed. But no matter how trained dogs are, dogs are still animals and may bite when feeling provoked.

Whether you are a dog owner, a bona-fide dog lover, or a self-proclaimed dog mom or dad, you will want to take steps to prevent dog bites. Even the friendliest dog with no record of aggressive behavior can bite under some circumstances.

We know you want to protect others' safety as well as the safety of your dog, so we compiled a short list of dog bite safety tips for owners.

Dog Bite Safety Tips for Dog Owners

Under California laws, the dog's owner typically bears full responsibility for dog bite attacks. This is because they are in the best position to prevent the incident. If you own a dog, you should take the following steps published by the American Veterinary Medicine Association to reduce the chance of dog bite attacks.

  • Take time to select your dog based on breed and temperament
  • Train your dog how to interact and be comfortable around people and other dogs
  • Spend  time with your dog and understand how it reacts in different situations
  • Keep your dog's vaccinations up to date
  • Protect your dog when it feels threatened
  • Understand your dog's body language
  • Do not leave children unsupervised with dogs
  • Don't let your dog run loose in public

Dog Bite Safety Tips for Adults

Let’s say you absolutely love dogs and there is not one dog you wouldn’t pet. While it may be tempting to reach for a pet or bend down to kiss them on the nose, you should take caution. Adults are at risk of dog bites as much as children. Whether a dog has a propensity for food guarding or is protective over its owner, here are some safety tips to prevent dog bite injuries:

  • Never approach an unfamiliar dog
  • Do not run or scream when a strange dog approaches you
  • Do not play with a strange dog unless supervised by the owner
  • Stay away from a dog who is eating or sleeping
  • If a dog knocks you down, roll up into a ball, cover your head, and lie still
  • Avoid direct eye contact with an unfamiliar dog

Dog Bite Prevention Tips For Children

You may not want your children to be afraid of dogs. However, you also want them to be safe when around new dogs. Below are guidelines from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to help protect children from dog bite attacks.

  • Do not startle a dog
  • Never approach or attempt to play with a dog when it's eating, sleeping, or caring for puppies
  • Do not pet an unfamiliar dog unless it is supervised by an adult
  • Do not kiss or hug a strange dog
  • Avoid harassing a dog
  • Put your face away from the dog's face when petting

Injured In A Dog Bite? We Can Help

Despite the guidelines, dog bites still happen. If you or a loved one has sustained a dog bite injury, call 619-236-8700 to speak with a San Diego Dog Bite Attorney from Laureti & Associates. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your case.

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