Dog Walking Apps - Liability and Insurance Considerations to Keep in Mind

May 30, 2022

With nearly 40 percent of California households having at least one dog, it’s no secret that California residents are fond of dogs. As a responsible dog owner, you know that walking your dog frequently is key to their happiness and health. 

Unfortunately, many dog owners do not walk their dogs regularly and that can be due to working odd hours at your job, having too many responsibilities that allow for little time at home with your pet, or injuries that have left you unable to walk your dog. This not only leads to unhappy dogs but can also cause behavioral and weight complications for your beloved pet. 

If you’re finding it hard to walk your dog regularly, some apps allow you to find reputable dog-walkers that are happy to love and care for your four-legged friends. With the development of dog-walking apps like Rover, you can receive real-time updates when your pet is being walked or entertained. 

While these apps are incredibly helpful for some, these apps can sometimes cause problems between owners and walkers. For that reason, the dog bite lawyers at Laureti & Associates are here to help you understand how these apps work and what to do if you or a loved one has suffered a dog bite.

How Dog-Walking Apps Work

If you need help walking your dog, you can download Rover or any other popular dog-walking app to get the help you need. These apps may have different specifications, but the general procedure is to sign up, provide details about you and your dog, and enter payment information for your dog walks.

The app helps find someone to walk your dog based on the information you provided. The dog-walker then comes to your home and takes your pet out for the specified time and length that you have requested. These walks can be as frequent as you would like them to be and your plans are easily changeable through the app making sure that your dog's needs don’t have to change even if your needs suddenly do.

How Dog Walkers Are Screened

Those interested in dog-walking tasks are required to sign up, and depending on the company, prospective dog walkers may be required to pay a small fee. All companies state that they conduct background screening as well as training for qualified dog walkers.

Liability and Insurance Coverage for Dog Owners

If you use any of these dog-walking apps, it’s advisable to have adequate insurance coverage. Indeed, some of these apps offer some level of coverage, but the limit may not be sufficient. When these limits are exceeded, and your dog bites someone during a walk, you may face financial and legal liabilities for the injuries caused. Under California laws, if your dog attacks and harms someone, your home’s insurance will often cover the damages caused.

Contact a San Diego Dog Bite Attorney For Legal Guidance

Ultimately, dog-walking apps can benefit you and your dog if you’re working on a tight schedule. However, ensure you have proper insurance coverage before using these apps, as you are responsible for your dog’s conduct while it’s out there.

However, if you are liable for a dog attack, we can help you at Laureti & Associates. Contact us online or call us at (619)-236-8700 to speak to Anthony Laureti, our lead San Diego Dog bite attorney.

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