How To Create A Dog-Friendly Office In San Diego

July 26, 2021

If you want to let employees bring their dogs to your office in San Diego, you’ll need to take a few steps to create a safe, dog-friendly office where both your workers and their dogs can live and work in harmony. Wondering how? Here are just a few steps you can take to create a dog friendly office.

1. Create A Simple Application Process

Make it easy for your employees to apply to bring their dog to your office, and make sure that their application requires information such as:

  • Vaccination records
  • Fecal tests
  • Flea medication records

2. Use Gates To Designate Play Areas And Off-Limits Zones

Using gates to create penned-in areas around desks and workspaces allows dogs to roam off-leash within designated areas and make new friends. You can also use gates to create areas that are off-limits – for example, office spaces for those who may have dog allergies.

3. Provide Access To Essential Supplies Like Water, Treats & More

You should provide access to water for all dogs. Pet owners can be expected to feed their own dogs, but you may also want to have a supply of pet treats on hand, as well as toys and other things that office dogs can use. Poop bags are also essential. You don’t want other tenants in the building complaining about poop near walkways and in parks and greenspaces.

4. Keep Dogs On Leashes Outside Of Play Areas

When they leave play areas, dogs should be kept on leashes. Leashing dogs keeps them under control, and minimizes the risk of conflict between dogs, as well as dog bites and other unwanted incidents. Make sure employees keep control of their dogs at all times, and make these expectations clear.

In addition, consider implementing a system to revoke permission if an employee violates these safety rules. You need to make it clear that you take the safety and security of both dogs and people seriously. 

5. Establish A Tag System To Signal Dog Temperament

Asking employees to attach tags to their dog’s collar to indicate their temperament is a good way to ensure safety at your office. 

For example, a red tag may mean that a dog needs their space and takes a while to warm up to people, but a green tag could indicate that a dog is great with both people and other dogs, and is always happy to mingle.

6. Create A Plan For Addressing Issues With Dogs

Not all dogs – or dog owners – will take naturally to the office environment. A disruptive, aggressive, loud, or otherwise unsuitable dog needs to be removed to keep things running smoothly.

Make sure to have a plan for this. Create a policy to address complaints and other issues related to dogs in the workplace, and a system that allows employees to report problems so that you can address them swiftly. 

Follow These Tips For A Dog-Friendly Office In San Diego

With the right systems, supplies, and policies, you can make your office a comfortable place for both people and pets in San Diego, and minimize the risk of dog bites, work disruptions, and other incidents.

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