What Happens If I Am Injured By A Drone?

October 30, 2019

Seems like everywhere you go in San Diego, there is a drone buzzing overhead. The craze is understandable. San Diego and its amazing coastline make the perfect dramatic backdrop for aerial footage for family vacations, surfing, hiking and sunsets.

As more amateur drone operators take their machines to the sky, the likelihood of drone related accidents also increases. What happens if you are injured by a drone? Who is responsible if a drone damages your property? While the laws surrounding the use of drones are relatively new, the basic concepts of personal injury law apply to drone accidents as they would to traffic accidents, for example.

This blog explores the laws that govern the use of drones in California as well as liability for drone related injuries.

Laws That Govern The Use of Drones

The Federal Aviation Administration determines the rules and regulations that apply to the operation of drones, and all drone operators must obey federal laws that related to drone ownership. This includes taking an online aeronautical knowledge and safety test and carrying proof of test passage. Drone owners must also register their drone with the state.

In addition to these regulations, drone operators must follow FAA community guidelines, which include the following:

  • Registering your drone
  • Flying your drone at or below 400 feet
  • Keeping your drone within your line of sight
  • Being aware of FAA Airspace Restrictions
  • Respecting privacy
  • Never flying near other aircraft, especially near airports
  • Never flying over groups of people, public events, or stadiums full of people
  • Never flying near emergencies such as fires or hurricane recovery efforts
  • Never flying under the influence of drugs or alcohol

California has additional drone laws, which makes it illegal to record another person on that person’s property without their permission. 

Injured By A Drone In San Diego?

If you have been injured by a drone that was being operated by someone else, then you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Drone operators that fail to obey the federal or state laws may be liable for any injuries they cause. Likewise, if the drone user was flying the drone negligently or recklessly, then you may have a valid personal injury claim.

Drone owners often carry insurance for their drones, making it possible for drone accident victims to recover compensation for their injuries. If the owner of the drone does not have insurance, then you may be able to recover damages from their personal assets.

Talk With A San Diego Drone Injury Lawyer

Drone accidents are rare, but can cause major injury due to the speed and height at which they operate. The laws are continuing to evolve as more drones take to the sky. If you have been injured by a drone, you need an experienced personal injury attorney to look at the facts surrounding the accident, file a claim and seek the compensation you need to make a full financial recovery. Contact San Diego personal injury attorney Anthony Laureti today to talk about your case.

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