Who Is Liable In A Bird Scooter Accident?

September 18, 2019

Bird Scooters have become all the rage in San Diego. Individuals are able to rent these scooters and ride around town with simply the swipe of a credit card and an entry of a driver’s license number.

But what happens if one of a rider recklessly drives one of these scooters? Who is liable? The city that provides the transportation or the patron who “rents” it. Riders are not going out and buying insurance for a quick commute. What if they aren’t paying attention? What if they have had too much to drink? What if the device malfunctions? This blog post explores who is liable in the event of a scooter accident.

How Are Bird Scooters Characterized In Terms Of Liability?

In the majority of Bird scooter cases, the individual, whether they know it or not, accepts liability for injuries they may sustain if they are injured. Bird Scooters are similar to bicycles when assessing the liability of riders in the event an accident occurs.

An “at-fault” scooter rider involved in an accident is not allowed to simply drive off and, in the event that they do, will likely be held liable the same as if they are engaged in a hit and run automobile accident.

However, you may hold a scooter company liable when someone can prove the cause of an injury was a result of scooter malfunction.

What To Do If You’re Involved In A Scooter Accident In San Diego?

First and foremost, check to ensure that everyone is okay. Unfortunately, riders of motorized scooters generally are not wearing helmets and may not be aware of local traffic laws in San Diego. Right of way signs may be missed and parking a scooter may be improper – all leading to possible injuries. That being said, if they are involved in a scooter accident or a collision with a car, there is a strong chance there may be injuries.

If you are a passerby that witnesses a scooter accident, call 911 if there appear to be injuries. If you are one of the parties involved in the accident, take pictures of the surrounding incident just like you would if you were involved in a car accident. Taking pictures is essential and may be used as evidence in any pending litigation. Additionally, make sure that you seek medical treatment for any injuries.

San Diego Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been involved in a motorized scooter accident, call the San Diego personal injury law firm of Laureti & Associates, A.P.C. for a free consultation. Similar to that of a car accident, there is a chance that insurance companies will be involved, and it is important to protect your rights to ensure you are treated fairly. You should not be taken advantage of as a result of another rider’s negligence.

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