Who Pays the Medical Bills After a Car Crash?

August 10, 2022

Unfortunately, a car accident is a life-changing situation that happens often. California experiences more car accident deaths than any other state. If luck is on your side and you happen to survive but sustained some injuries, your medical rates can sky-rocket quickly. Who will cater to my medical bill? Such a question is likely to hover in your mind in such an instance. To answer this and many more, read on to the end.

California Insurance Laws

California has a high population of drivers compared to any other state. To drive on the road, you must have a valid insurance policy. Your insurance company will compensate you a maximum of $15,000 upon the death or injury of one person and a maximum of $30,000 for the death or injuries of multiple victims. Insurance companies offer a maximum compensation of $5,000 compensation to the owner of a property you have damaged.

What to do When Waiting for a Settlement

  • Seek Medical Attention: You should seek medical attention immediately upon getting involved in a car accident. If you delay seeking medical attention, some insurance companies can use this as an excuse to delay your compensation. If possible, go to a medical facility accredited by your insurance company.
  • Avoid Discussing with Unrelated Parties: You may tend to file a case through your lawyer for your insurance company to cater to your bills. In such an instance, you should avoid discussing the case details with unrelated parties since it can portray that the injuries don't have a severe impact on your life; hence the insurance company may delay the compensation. Only disclose your accident information to a reputable car accident firm such as Laureti & Associates.
  • Maintain Constant Communication: Upon culminating the settlement case, you must constantly communicate with your lawyer to ensure the settlement has been expedited within the specified timeframe. As you maintain constant communication, avail any documents you may be requested for.

Damages You Can Recover After a Car Accident

  • Medical Expenses: There is an assurance your insurance company will settle the medical expenses you may have incurred after a road accident. Some expenses include hospitalization, ambulance, doctor's visits, medication, drugs, and therapy bills.
  • Lost Wages: If you cannot go to work after sustaining injuries from a road accident, your insurance company will compensate you for the wages you might have lost during this period. The compensation perks may differ from one insurance company to another.
  • Property Damage: Car repairs can pile up fast, more so during an accident. Worry less if your car got damaged during a road accident since your insurance company will cover all the repair costs. In addition, you will receive compensation for purchasing another car if your vehicle has been declared a loss.

Contact a San Diego Car Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in a car accident, you need a good lawyer to file and follow up on your compensation case. Here at Laureti & Associates, we will ensure you receive maximum compensation after a car accident. 

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